Changeling: The Lost Second Edition

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Once upon a time, they took you from your home. They promised you a place at their side, and meaning in your life, and they surrounded you with beautiful things. But the beautiful things were oh so sharp, and they laughed when you bled. Day by day, they changed you. But day by day, your will grew stronger. On the last day, you smashed your way through the beautiful things and ran, not noticing as you bled or feeling as you cried. You fought with courage and cleverness and took yourself home. Now the beauty and the horror are yours, to have and to hold and to live. Welcome to once upon right f***ing now. Changeling: the Lost Second Edition includes: Everything you need to create and play your own changeling, a human abducted by the fae and transformed by the experience. A complete setting of faerie wonder and macabre horror for the Chronicles of Darkness. A guide to changeling society, caught between the twin poles of human hearts and the vast fantastic. Supernatural powers, mystical oaths, and creatures out of legend.

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