IMPERIAL Wolfbane Starter Box

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The Wolfbanes are one of the largest of Imperial's special forces. They are formally administered by Clan MacGuire, but they recruit rogues from any of the Clans. Their ferocity in battle is almost unrivalled and before they enter combat they paint their faces with symbols of war.


Any Clan may call upon the Wolfbanes to perform a service for them, but they have to pay for it. The only exception to this is Clan MacGuire, which is already the main financial backer of the Wolfbanes.


Most Wolfbanes look similar, but there is significant specialisation; the commandos for example, focus on close combat, while the Warhounds strategically target the armoured vehicles of the enemy. Pathfinders seem to be almost psychic with a strong connection to runic magik, while the Necromowers ride into battle on nothing more than a fast-moving and hard hitting gun platform.


Box contains:


  • 13x 32mm scale Resin models (10x Wolfbane Commandos, 1x Necromower, 2x Pathfinders)
  • 12x 30mm bases
  • 1x 40mm base
  • 13 cards
  • 2x D20 dice

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